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I'd love to have statistics you're qouting, because they sounds like a total bullshit to me. Given, for example victimization rate of these crimes and intuitive naming conventions.

On other hand, chances of a single car catching fire per year is 0.03% so measuring chances for 1:8.25 car to people ratio you get whooping one year chance of 0,0036%. Chances of your death in car fire is then around 6,17*10^(-5) % or 0,0000617% if you don't speak mathematics. And this is around same chance as getting hit by lightning over lifetime.
Yet you still have to have non-expired car-sized fire extinguisher in most countries.

Food for thought.

(And if your 0.32% number is valid - because your struck-by-lightning was, obviously, bullshit - you are 5186 times more likely to die in home invasion than by being struck by a lightning. NOW that wouldn't be helpful in any of your rhetorics, would it)
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