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1. Allegations without justification. I know your position, I'm asking for sources.

2. The context was very clear: The doubling of the U.S dept, and my question was what's attributable to the person vs. decisions beyond his control. I'm not discussing "the world" here and don't deny the fact, I just think the reaction is exaggerated.

3. Ah, facts and reason don't matter. I see where this leads.

4. "Just facts", while you didn't gave any, and kind of implied they don't matter. Again speaking of "pure evil". I don't think there's a coherent argument.

As for the cognitive dissonance: I do see the deteriorating, unhealthy and unsustainable state of the world. I just doubt the hyperbolic criticism is warranted. And given you're also defending Trump against rather harmless humor I doubt your objectivity in that matter.

Also, I think accusing me of trolling shows dishonesty and a misunderstanding of the concept. Remember you commented on a posting on my soup, in a language I don't speak, making untenable, exaggerated, hateful accusations without backing them up, on an inspirational quote. While I linked a balanced view on one of the points and asked for sources for the others, which you didn't produce.
I'm not your enemy. I would read objective, reasonable criticism about Obama. Overall I'd prefer sources, proper journalism, articles raising interesting points over verbal vandalism though.

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