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Well I don't want to start an argument here... But you're not very coherent.

"But you have to admit, that for cis males, life is pretty darn perfect right now when it comes to politics and economics. Men don't need help there, everyone else does."

Tell that to little men, men with unmanly hobbies, men who are physically or mentally weak, men who aren't exactly alpha as fuck. Or how about men fighting for the right to see their own children? Or men having to work 60h/week or men being mobbed at work for staying home sick, because "men have to do what has to be done". Gender roles oppress both sexes. Isn't that what you were saying when stating feminism includes men? Maybe the strong alpha-men don't need help, but neither do strong alpha-women, do they?

Still, I agree to @blogmeertropfen call it "gender equality" and (nearly) everyone agrees. Problem solved. The word feminism has been eroded to something along the lines of 'winy girl with first world problems' or even 'men hater' in the public perception, since the times where women had to fight for the right to vote and work. Furthermore one of the definitions of the sufix -ism might cause some of this confusion as well:

-ism: "Used to form names of ideologies expressing belief in the superiority of a certain class within the concept expressed by the root word, or a pattern of behavior or a social norm that benefits members of the group indicated by the root word."

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