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January 26 2020

January 23 2020

bewirb dich doch.
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obligatory Nier Automata screenshot
you always look so weak and sad, i can hear the schindlers list soundtrack while scolling through your content.
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Don't mind him, he's just upset because we've lost our bike stealing per capita award to niggers.
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January 22 2020

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Joke on you, being racist is part of my national and cultural heritage.
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It really makes me think. And I'm ABSOLUTELY CRAZY thinking about it!

January 21 2020

I've expected nothing and I'm still dissapointed.
sometimes i doubt your grasp on reality.
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patience is one of the seven virtues and imma gonna flex hard that motherfucker until the Day of Bluray comeths
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January 20 2020

January 19 2020

Actually it's just Steel Ball Run
Have you tried, like, *not* being depressed?

January 18 2020

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Think about it as some obscure gassteam-punk setting
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