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May 14 2018

Review with video and image

Review with video

I doubt this works
EDIT: Well watdoya know. It does!

Review with image

6732 fe99 97
I would suspect that to work
NSFW quote reaction
NSFW reaction

May 13 2018

May 07 2018

lol, you weren't even adressed but still so triggered?!
If you are not interested in discussing then just don't answer. haven't you learned anything in the internet?

May 02 2018

in welchem Jahr?
in which year?
without this is stupid data, no information.

May 01 2018

Kuhtipps = Q-Tips

April 30 2018

Solange dein Dogma Schubladen enthält will ich davon nichts wissen, egal welchem Lager du dich zusprichst dein Gerüst besteht aus (ideologischer) Scheiße und gehört in´s letzte Jahrhundert.

inb4: aaaaaaaab mit dem Kopf!

Und warum ist genau da Zigarettenwerbung nicht verboten worden?

April 27 2018

April 24 2018

April 20 2018

I don´t get behind why ppl have to spoil everything in advance. The brainfuck if you don´t know it is way more intense @Utopic @brightbyte
Reposted fromqb qb

April 18 2018

April 17 2018

I think in general it is OK to identify "people of public interest"™ in posts. In this case I think it is perfectly fine, since it at least kind of answers the "Where is that from?" question.
But yes, I think it is important that whatever you are referring to can actually be found using the linkage.
The name Stoya definitively seems to bring more relevant search results, so I think this is fine now.

April 16 2018

[Outdated] That doesn't really seem like a source. Can you please clarify?

April 15 2018

Welche zwei Absätze meinst Du eigentlich? Bezieht sich doch nur auf den ersten, oder?
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