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April 04 2018

das rote vorne an der schraube ist ein dübel. hier wird also ein dübel mit dem hammer eingeschlagen. um den relativ weichen dübel nicht mit dem hammer zu beschädigen, wird die schraube leicht in den dübel eingedreht und dann auf die schraube geschlagen.
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April 02 2018

Sicher? Mit diesen Beinen wird die Gewichtskraft doch auf weniger Fläche verteilt.
8424 7c8e 390
Zeit um einen negativen faktor skaliert

cc @sofias
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March 31 2018

na trotzdem … da die ganze TL vollzuspammen is doch doof ^^. Schöne Osteratage!

March 28 2018

March 27 2018

exactly! How did that ever work? Only for people who had servants to take care of all the other stuff.

March 25 2018

March 24 2018

Source of source-pic? :p
well … it's still stupid :D

March 23 2018

March 20 2018

I do that more because English is just internet default for me. I have had online chats with my sister where I accidentally drifted into English. :P
A actually think that, in recent years, I have written a lot more English then German. (On- and offline)
I edited the post to make that a little more clear. I also added the the link to the actual source, to the best of my knowledge.
I hope that's OK with you :) (I'm not sure if I should have added a note that I edited it)
The second image of the gifset was missing from the post due to the shortcomings of Soup's Tumblr import. Admittedly it's a borderline linkage.
I love that the new rules don't include the "no judgment" part, I was always struggling with that. (@paket ;) )
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Holy crackers, nie wiedziałem, że Elvorien bawiła się w modelowanie :3

March 15 2018

big fan of classical japanese literature as well
Old but goodie

March 14 2018

Yeah, that's shows that they just don't even care to change logo on engine, mostly Škoda = VW.
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