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December 21 2017

December 19 2017

He reposts everything, twice if not thrice. What a cuhrazy person.

December 18 2017

Zugegeben... das war 1980 Biologie 8. Klasse. Das ist vielleicht nicht ganz repräsentativ :-)

December 17 2017

Thanks :)

But please don't adress everyone like that.

December 05 2017

@nordern, please turn on the date display on spicerack.

December 02 2017

Nee, da gehts nicht direkt um Modellierung, sondern eher um Stabilität von Systemen. Man glaubte mal, es gäbe Stabilität durch Komplexität. Weil es ja offensichtlich in der Natur so sei. Ähem...
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November 30 2017

that's why we call it "the present".
Maybe it's a personal issue for me... when I was young, I was obsessed to find the ultimate model of what's behind the world of experience... and now...?
Loosing the illusions is the first step, the next should be creating a better model. And it seems so important: to learn, that a hypothesis is just a hypothesis. This is what we forgot every time in history.
Arrogant? Maybe. (I think it's not.) But important for deeper understanding it is!
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November 28 2017

At some point someone™ should start a history/statistic of broken tools at Metalab. The wievielte soldering station within in 11 years is that?
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November 26 2017

Wie kann man denn da cheaten?
Entwicklerwerkzeuge im Browser, schätze ich mal.

November 24 2017

Original of Original :-)

November 23 2017

November 22 2017

where … chrchrchrchr
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