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August 28 2017

Spoko, znam angielski XD

Pytałem z czystej ciekawości, bo zauważyłem kiedyś traktowanie kwestii "radziecki" vs. "sowiecki" niemalże w kategorii szyboletu. Uznałem na podstawie wcześniejszych dyskusji, że możesz być osobą, której pogląd na rzeczoną kwestię chciałbym poznać. Tyle.
Tak, wiem. Wybacz, musiałem nie wyrazić się dostatecznie zrozumiale.

Pytałem czy masz to charakterystyczne m.in. dla niektórych historyków skrzywienie na punkcie unikania wyrazu "radziecki".

August 27 2017

Z ciekawości, "sowiecki" >>> "radziecki" czy masz wyłożone?
13. You read this even kerning made it very hard!
no, because most of them are dead …

August 26 2017

1. Allegations without justification. I know your position, I'm asking for sources.

2. The context was very clear: The doubling of the U.S dept, and my question was what's attributable to the person vs. decisions beyond his control. I'm not discussing "the world" here and don't deny the fact, I just think the reaction is exaggerated.

3. Ah, facts and reason don't matter. I see where this leads.

4. "Just facts", while you didn't gave any, and kind of implied they don't matter. Again speaking of "pure evil". I don't think there's a coherent argument.

As for the cognitive dissonance: I do see the deteriorating, unhealthy and unsustainable state of the world. I just doubt the hyperbolic criticism is warranted. And given you're also defending Trump against rather harmless humor I doubt your objectivity in that matter.

Also, I think accusing me of trolling shows dishonesty and a misunderstanding of the concept. Remember you commented on a posting on my soup, in a language I don't speak, making untenable, exaggerated, hateful accusations without backing them up, on an inspirational quote. While I linked a balanced view on one of the points and asked for sources for the others, which you didn't produce.
I'm not your enemy. I would read objective, reasonable criticism about Obama. Overall I'd prefer sources, proper journalism, articles raising interesting points over verbal vandalism though.
Aren't you in the slightest interested if it holds water?

No. Crackpots of all sorts invent interesting sounding hypotheses every day, but following them always leads to disappointments.

Where's your curiosity so prevalent in pseudoscience?

Curiosity is one of the really great traits of humans. And cats of course. Without curiosity, there wouldn't be much science. Given there's only limited time, I just prefer to satisfy my curiosity with results and analyses that have a significant probability to be true, and inspire my imagination with plausible hypothesis clearly stated as speculation, and science fiction that doesn't pretend to be based in reality. We shouldn't conflate the two.

I'm cringing here, man. Have been for the past 7 years.

Well, most pseudoscience lets us cringe. Why defend a pseudoscience hypothesis, that didn't make significant progress in years? If there was any merit to it, there should be reliable experimental evidence and peer reviewed papers in credible journals by now somewhere.

If you read the description youd knew it's promising

I don't think so:


Wikipedia: Although dominated by physics and mathematics submissions, viXra aims to cover topics across the whole scientific community. It accepts submissions without requiring authors to have an academic affiliation and without any threshold for quality.

Rationalwiki: Given some of the lunacy available on arXiv, you can guess what sort of content viXra accumulates: lots of Electric Universe crankery and occasional global warming denialism, and "proofs" of famous mathematical conjectures, notably the Riemann hypothesis and the Goldbach conjecture, which for some reason no serious mathematician gives a hoot about. viXra also directly invokes the Galileo gambit with their blog category "'Crackpots' who were right".
viXra also features blog-style comments for each abstract, which are a delight even by the standards of the bottom half of the Internet.
The scientific world is mostly amused, insofar as it takes any notice at all. The founder claims some papers of value that made it to peer-reviewed publication, though.

Pierre-Marie Robitaille:

Rationalwiki: Pierre-Marie Luc Robitaille (born 1961) is an accomplished radiologist and a Nobel disease-type crank. [...] In 2000, he was asked to step down from his position as director (though he remains a professor) when he began to promote theories that were outside his actual realm of expertise, specifically related to non-mainstream beliefs in the areas of astronomy and physics: he maintains that satellite measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation, believed by most astronomers to be an afterglow of the Big Bang, are actually observations of a glow from Earth's oceans.
He also maintains that the Sun is not a gaseous plasma, but is in fact made of liquid metallic hydrogen. None of his ideas have been accepted by any reputable physics publication.

Quora.com: TL:DR Pierre Robitaille is a world class crank who believes that he has discovered a serious flaw in the theory of thermal radiation. His "proof of invalidity" is vacuous. He's missed the simple point that a perfect blackbody is from the outset only a theoretical idealization which is nevertheless very much relevant to the theory of actual thermal radiation from real cavities.
He believes that the source of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which has been experimentally measured by many satellite observations and which has almost exactly a perfectly Planckian form for the radiation distribution, is the earth's oceans, a completely ludicrous suggestion on its face.
There are no consequences of anything that Robitaille has to say on this subject, for physics, at all.

It's probably bullshit but should be interesting enough for people to check out, dude's using the procedure.

Yes, don't bother, no he doesn't.

August 23 2017

Jak piszesz, poprawiłem. Dzięki za zwrócenie uwagi, pozdrawiam.

August 21 2017

Aber wäre(/ist) dieses System dann überhaupt noch schlecht wenn niemand wirklich darunter leiden müsste? (Jetzt mal Lohndumping, Burnout, usw. außer Acht gelassen, was Probleme sind die sich hoffentlich wieder lösen lassen)

Oder ganz anders, wäre ein System wahrer Freiheit nicht eine Art Herrschaft der Stärkeren anstatt der Reicheren. Kann es überhaupt Freiheit für jeden geben? Ist also nicht eine gewisse "Eingeschränktheit" für jeden fairer? Und wenn man's nun Diktatur oder Sklaverei nennen will, bitte. Aber die Opfer dieser beiden Konzepte hatten/haben es doch wesentlich schlechter als jene die hier als "Sklaven" bezeichnet werden. Überhaupt hatten es die Menschen doch eigentlich noch nie in der Geschichte so gut wie heutzutage, oder?
Reposted byp-093-read p-093-read
Ah you're defending Trump, so is this something political?
Do you have any objective evidence for those accusations? At least the doubling of the debt, while roughly true, seems like a simplified, one-sided and unfair view. In general, I'm interested in what were his personal views and decisions compared to those of his predecessors, his party or the congress. Interesting there seems to be such an obsession with Obama, and also that making wild accusations is seen as an adequate way to persuade someone - or is it just venting of frustration on other people's "soup"?

August 20 2017

What are you even trying to talk about?

August 19 2017

Ah, the good old Ad hominem - how creative!

August 18 2017

are you sure the person on the photo agreed that you published it on the internet?

August 17 2017

Fact Check: General Pershing on How to Stop Islamic Terrorists (snopes.com)
U.S. General John J. Pershing did not effectively discourage Muslim terrorists in the Philippines by killing them and burying and their bodies along with those of pigs.

August 14 2017

@alphabet Kein problem. Ich mach dir ein günstiges Angebot. Nur 2.75€ pro tag für den Rest meines Lebens - approximiert auf 40 weitere Lebensjahre.
Macht 40000€ im vorraus zu bezahlen. :D
Oh vey, that's not very goy of you
I like how she starts with multiple exaples of animal sex characteristics and ends with rare mutations in human genotype.

And you perfectly know what happens to every animal living in the wild with genetic burden. Really makes you think.

August 13 2017

Auf meinen Arsch kommt dein Name :p
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