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August 03 2017

this pun is wasted … it's called mother earth. :p

July 20 2017

das bookmarklet ist hier: http://www.soup.io/bookmarklet (fehlermeldung ignorieren)

ich benutze inzwischen aber das hier https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/firesoup/


July 15 2017

@silence24 can't read your reaction, as your soup is private.

July 13 2017

July 12 2017

July 10 2017

As a teacher I'd ask you to calculate 99 x 39 in the exam then... This method just isn't very efficient ;-)

July 03 2017

1. Du nimmst an, dass die Suizidquote unter Homosexuellen genauso groß ist wie unter Heten. (Tipp: stimmt nicht)
2. Was daran Erodieren von Tradition ist, wenn ein Recht, das vorher nur ein Teil der Gesellschaft hatte, auch andere haben, kannst du dir ja nochmal überlegen. (Brauchste nich aufschreiben, ich weiß es schon.)
3. So um die 100 Suizide pro Jahr verhindert find ich schon ziemlich dufte für so ne kleine Gesetzesänderung. Nochmal als Erinnerung, weil man das schnell vergisst wenn man ne Weile auf Zahlen rumgerechnet hat: jede dieser Zahlen steht für einen Menschen
4. Ich diskutiere in der Regel recht ungerne mit Leuten die auf die Gefühle anderer scheißen.

June 28 2017

Thank you very much for this. I found a slightly newer version in a local cache, but the only changes are those you made anyways.

form.target = 'soup_bookmarklet_76795';
add_input(form, 'v', '5');

June 27 2017

Post To Soup (workaround)

Fix for the Soup bookmarklet, until the official one is working again. It replaces the currently broken script by an older one, uploaded to the soup asset server. Drag the title link to your bookmarks bar as usual. Original Question by wonko. More info here.
Reposted byInteeglerion-justforfun

June 26 2017

Today's riddle: Any chance to repair the soup bookmarklet?

What's broken?
The bookmarklet tries to load a script, which currently fails with a server error.

Can we find an old, cached version anywhere on the Internet?
Let's ask the wayback machine. Ah, by pure chance the internet archive happened to download the script, last version is from 2014 though. (We can get the unmodified file by appending "id_" to the version number.)

Any magic we might miss?
Yip, after some experimenting it's clear the server expects to see a version in the "v" parameter, and the target for the posted form should point to the popup window of course. Not difficult to guess the expected version: 5, and let's set the target to a fixed window name.

Where can we put it?
Let's just upload the script into soup, as a "file".

How can we use it in the bookmarklet?
Well, decode and tidy up the original bookmarklet, set the popup window name to the same fixed value we used in the script, change the bookmarklet's script url to the asset url of the uploaded file, recompress and reencode the result.

Here's the temporary workaround, though I can't format it as a link in soup :(. Just copy&paste this into the URL field of a bookmark:

Reposted byanabeewonkofinkreghpaketrokocuda
The bookmarklet tries to load a script from e.g. http://www.soup.io/bookmarklet/js/soup_bookmarklet_12345/5 (12345=some random number between 0 and 100000, what may be an archaic anti-cache mechanism), which fails with a 500 - internal server error.

June 24 2017


June 23 2017

June 22 2017

June 20 2017

Wildtierhilfe Wien

inkl Fütterungs- und Pflegehinweise.
The binary message has 11 digits. guess what the eleventh is :)
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June 19 2017

so ohne Comment … sexistische Kackscheiße– warum der Repost? @interessiert-mich-net
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