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June 27 2015

Dear @synchronicity admin(s?), please undo the nsfw flag. Flagging the rare nsfw posts individually should suffice, right?

cc @kitchen

June 25 2015

they fucked that up thoroughly now

edit: x

June 24 2015

Well, I was referring to the image being inaccurate. But, well might not be the case... deleted...
Not a doctor...

June 23 2015

"An National Security Agency NSA supercomputer in the 1970s" x

"NSA supercomputer console, 1971" x

June 22 2015

@elpollodiablo Wouldn't it be possible to fixate the NSFW setting? Once the soup cookie gets deleted (which for me it does, when I close the tab) I have to click it again to see NSFW stuff. I would consider it helpful if my account could have the NSFW setting attached to it, instead of it being stored in the session. If this is undesired as default behavior, a switch in my settings menu "always show NSFW stuff" would be another option. I assume that most people would enable this setting, and those who don't can enable it manually on demand, as it is now. Maybe an even better option would be, once the "show nsfw" button is pushed, a checkbox appears next to it asking "remember this setting for your account"

June 21 2015

come on, this guy is just working for free to keep soup going and improving it. he explained in a polite and friendly way how things are working around NSFW. HE wasn't the one who flagged the post we're discussing here.
there's no need to get mean and be offensive towards him.

Also die Seite finde ich überhaupt nicht autoritativ, schon das Fehlen eines Texts über deren Selbstverständnis irritierend. Die Inhalte (das wenige was ich mir angeschaut habe) ähnlich weit entfernt vom Geist des Buches Über den Umgang mit Menschen von Adolph Freiherr Knigge wie die verbreiteten falschen Vorstellungen über dessen Inhalt.

Übrigens ist das Buch, wie schon angedeutet, durchaus empfehlenswert.

Was ist denn der aktuelle Knigge?

Meiner ist von 1792, immer noch aktuell, und ich glaube es steht nichts über Niesen drin.

June 18 2015

Medication, essentially.

June 17 2015

It surely is an important topic, and we must never forget this dark epoch in human history. But may I kindly ask, why this belongs in the Atheism soup?
He's clearly pulling it out ;)

June 15 2015

it is unbroken
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