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Let me update this:

– Learn how to buy without plastic wrapping. Recycling often doesn't work (and yes: organics, paper and glas mostly work in Europe) and I may add: USE the f**** LITTERBINS
– conserve water in the case there is a lack of water. In many cities the sewer tunnels are shaped in a way it needs an amount of water big enough to get the shit transported. Not enough water flushing down means high amounts of energy and water to clean stucked shit.
– Go organic, local, seasonal and at best nearly vegan (there I said the evil word ^^ but happily: traditional sunday exception will work)
– plant plants where needed. It's not only about trees. There may be a lack of beefeeding or mothfeeding flowers in an area. Or look at the siberian region: it would be best for preventing climate change if there were no trees at all!
– don't take the plane. Don't go on holidays on far places at all. Especially not on exotic places „no human has ever been before“.
– go by bike as often as possible.
– don't own (a car and a big house/flat). Share.
– reuse and repair – clothes, dishes, tools, you name it … be creative (better twist than “not stupid”)

This one made me curious: how to support zero population growth?

Sorry if this came out a little bit ranty. :) Feel free to be inspired!

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