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Well, I certainly agree that there are kinds, applications and magnitudes of taxes that are unnecessary, questionable or sometimes wrong, on the other hand I'm sure a functioning state needs a source of income. Most definitions of 'tax' agree on its purpose to fund public services, which may include social services, health care, infrastructure, education and research, protection, and the many little things we all have a shared responsibility for, but delegate it to government-run institutions.

So, in principle, I don't think the concept of taxation resembles robbery, but I'm open to hearing about alternatives which aren't anarchy, and I'm all for much more autonomy across the different levels of a state or community. What I'm often pondering is whether it would be reasonable to only demand a non-negotiable base tax for essential services from individuals and on top of that a compulsory amount of taxation, but whose purpose we can define and change ourselves. Maybe we would be happier about the necessity, if we could influence the purpose of a fraction of our taxes directly.

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