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August 18 2019

August 16 2019

Biggest laughs I had for days. Thank you, kind sir, for delivering.
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Bo japko jest do dupy [inafter]
if you think about it, there are many animals with exposed asses, especially mammals like deers and apes. maybe even our sun worshipping ancestors were in reality an ass-to-sun cult. 

August 15 2019

you mean the post or the technique of photosynthesis through the anus?
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At first they change color, they they die

August 13 2019

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"Honey, so when can I expect grandchildren?" "M-mom, but think about oceans and diapers biodegrades in 500 years and also check my blog, I just got 5 likes"
I Am A Social Reject And Here Is 20 Strip Comic How I Damage Control It: The 300 IQ Way!
Screen z facebooka wysłany na instagrama i oscreenowany na telefonie, wysłany na zupę; czuję, że zostało pominiętych kilka wartościowych serwisów z watermarkami.

August 12 2019

Of course, real american is someone who supports stream of immigrants he must work for because no real immigrant will work as they live way better with walfare. Real american supports other socialist ideas because capitalism bad and should be blamed for every retarded idea of modern democrats. Always remember, it's capitalism. Or patrialchy. Or other buzzword of the week, really.

August 10 2019

that way you can have one waifu on bios, other on grub and third on wallpaper so they don't ever met each other and think they're the only one for you, think about it for a second

August 09 2019

literally me
I found out it's better to disable boot screen and put waifu on GRUB screen but you mileage may vary.
bigbrain soyboy
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