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August 27 2016

most commonly associated with … alkohol.
Greeting from Germany ^^

August 26 2016

re: this

actual (longer) video.

watch it. it's even crazier than i thought, because this guy is riding a fixie. he can't go faster because he does not have a different gear ratio, the others are driving road bikes. furthermore, the fixie does not have a freewheel device. so for getting the feet on the pedals again, he has to match the speed of the pedals (that part is only in the video).

ps: cite your fucking sources
bester Kommentar: „Flirten mit der BRAVO gelernt – das erklärt vieles.“ Ich brech ab.

August 25 2016

I give numbers to the files and make a final dokument after giving the pdf to the printer's shop.

August 24 2016

August 23 2016

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Wieder ein erfolgreicher Einsatz der SOKO Wand & Farbe!
Re: this

August 22 2016


August 19 2016

>1 vote I'm gonna play the devil's advocate here and say it doesn't mean shit.

August 16 2016

ich kenn mich mit Design ja nicht so aus, aber ist das nicht total sinnlos? Da fehlt doch mindestens der Abstand zwischen zweitem und drittem (1) um zumindest irgendwie definiert zu sein, oder ist das so üblich?

August 15 2016

to już lepiej zostać łibusem
Simone de Beauvoir, Søren Kierkegaard, Albert Camus, Marquis de Sade (but there would have been better choices like Kant, Nietzsche, Heidegger imho)
Reposted byp856 p856

August 12 2016

August 11 2016

Ale mówisz teraz o sobie? ;)
BTW komiks jest prawdopodobnie amerykański, więc wrzucam Ci link do artykułu tłumaczącego dlaczego Twoje ukochane "same workpost, yet different pays" ssie i dlaczego (pomimo czerwonej lampki kiedy widzę "anti feminist") popieram przekaz komiksu. WSJ to chyba nie biedaźródło.

I think you're a little bit too serious. Why don't you just put a smile on that face?

August 10 2016

You really want to start it again, don't you?

August 09 2016

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