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October 17 2019


October 14 2019

That's the cutest thing I've seen in months
However, at nearly 3000m, Mt. Olympus is considered a mountain under any of the (admittedly) numerous definitions.

October 13 2019

October 10 2019

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I don't think you're wrong.
But why would banks be ever interested in this?
just turn inside out the hairy fake vagina, put in inflatable pump up baloons and its basically done, right?
And the kind of large scale societal change advocated by Thunberg is at odds how with the kind of solutions suggested by Boyan?
Sorry, but this is the same BS sophistry that Peterson et al peddle.

October 09 2019

the cringe...
nie czary mary, tylko umowa społeczna
Whatever the odds of dying in a home invasion are... the relative odds of a family member being accidentally killed with a gun kept in the house are much higher.

October 08 2019

I wish they stayed there
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Shilling hard for my boy CRP
Cool! Take your time, doing great job.
when you finish lepić pierogi
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@kitchen option to successfully update bio description would be nice
I'd love to have statistics you're qouting, because they sounds like a total bullshit to me. Given, for example victimization rate of these crimes and intuitive naming conventions.
On other hand, chances of a single car catching fire per year is 0.03% so measuring chances for 1:8.25 car to people ratio you get whooping one year chance of 0,0036%. Chances of your death in car fire is then around 6,17*10^(-5) % or 0,0000617% if you don't speak mathematics. And this is around same chance as getting hit by lightning over lifetime.
Yet you still have to have non-expired car-sized fire extinguisher in most countries.
Food for thought.
(And if your 0.32% number is valid - because your struck-by-lightning was, obviously, bullshit - you are 5186 times more likely to die in home invasion than by being struck by a lightning. NOW that wouldn't be helpful in any of your rhetorics, would it)
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