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October 22 2016

October 21 2016

October 20 2016

hrhr, rubbing is said to bring luck?!

October 19 2016

delete your account

October 18 2016

Also das ist doch eine Information die verbreitet werden sollte. Und wenn man dann noch so eine Steilvorlage bekommt und nur noch "auch posten" drücken muss...


@paket funny & interesting was du repostest ^^
there's a lot of ways to kill a fetus on your own?

I'd like to have some more advice how to do it and how these techniques are not endangering the womens live. I wonder why all those women out there in present and past don't just do an abortion by themselves if its as easy as cooking noodles.

And just because there are laws making stuff illegal doesn't mean these are good laws. Law as argument is alsways a bit … magisterial hearing.
kinda Food-ASMR-Porn :D nice utilities and atmo (even it's all about meat in the channel)
Aaaaand... the spammers promptly reacted.

October 16 2016

squatting will do the thing
Reposted bypaket paket

October 14 2016

yeah it's empty for me too, just like the e-gruppe post you linked in the other reaction.
@kitchen? any comment?

I created this post with an embed just now, and I've tried four browsers and see the embed nowhere. When I edit the post, the embed code is there. Do you see the embed @fbr?


edit: maybe it has something to do with that I do not have flash player installed? I can listen to this embed on the linked site though.

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