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May 20 2017

“who very explicitely declares the purpose of women to be penetrated by men” thanks for pointing this out!

May 19 2017

I guess the wording is correct here. As far as I understood it, the woman invited the men for a debate – not the man on the left interviewing the other two.
Even then it's not quite a debate obviously which might referr to how these ideas are handled in some media. I'm not familiar with american TV but it shows quite nicely how media often chose sides instead of asking uncomfortable questions.

Actually I was thinking about posting a more typical video of him about a topic that I'm more into and familiar with, like gender or feminism. But this one was so well made … and seemed more apropriate to actual headlines in Germany with our own V-man-stories.

At least he's doing a quite well and entertaining job and is interesting as a person.
@sofias thehe, ich dachte mir schon, dass das umgehend bei dir landet :) *wink* Hoffe, dir gehts gut.

May 14 2017

Zeigt aber auch schön, welche Leute AFD wählen würden … wer guckt denn bitte Sonntags so SAT1 und (!) benutzte Teletext! TELETEXT?

May 12 2017

  not a crow baby (@ged)  

May 10 2017

Heilige Scheiße …

April 30 2017

April 28 2017

April 27 2017

I guess feeding them bread is one of the most unhealthy things you can do – after candy. :(
Realist = Oportunist? :p sein Fähnchen nach dem Wind drehn ^^ we say in Germany.
minor bug fixing

April 26 2017

Aha, was verleitet dich zu der Annahme, dass ich diesen Artikel geschrieben habe? :D
If you manipulate originals make it obvious!
Gladly this is made slightly imperfect … typosize doesn't match.

April 25 2017

kontext bitte

April 24 2017

glitch in the matrix...

April 17 2017

ah, danke for the link! kannte ich noch nicht den mann.
obwohl... nach 1 1/2 h video nervt der ein bissel mit seinem sich dann doch etwas oft leer laufenden emo-style gegen das böse. der sollte lieber ruhig und gelassen analysieren und nicht permanent an die decke gehen. (:

April 15 2017


Pierre-Marie Luc Robitaille (born 1961) is an accomplished radiologist and a Nobel disease-type crank.

As director of magnetic resonance imaging research for the Department of Medicine of Ohio State University from 1989-2000[1] he made major advances in the science of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), leading the project to build the 8 Tesla Ultra High Field human MRI scanner.

In 2000, he was asked to step down from his position as director (though he remains a professor) when he began to promote theories that were outside his actual realm of expertise, specifically related to non-mainstream beliefs in the areas of astronomy and physics: he maintains that satellite measurements of the cosmic microwave background radiation, believed by most astronomers to be an afterglow of the Big Bang, are actually observations of a glow from Earth's oceans.[2]

He also maintains that the Sun is not a gaseous plasma, but is in fact made of liquid metallic hydrogen. None of his ideas have been accepted by any reputable physics publication.

April 09 2017

April 05 2017

Hypervelocity impact sample 💥 When a ~12,7mm diam. Al ball impacts a 177mm thick Al block @ 24140 km/h, simulating space debris hitting a spacecraft
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