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January 16 2017

first I thought: wow, eyebrows! and after a while: ugh, face?! :D
Do you have any idea what a hero we see here? This water is so icy cold, right from a glacierlake on the top of the mountains.

January 13 2017

Wysyłam kurierem polecony przypierdol do rąk własnych za chujowe memy i gówniane dziewczynki.

January 12 2017

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Soup will never forget this loss. Rest in peace, brave pupper.

January 10 2017

January 03 2017


i haven't tested the greasemonkey script but if you open the image, remove the last block of numbers and maybe try a different asset-[0-f] server you can at least view the image.

eg "http://asset-0.soupcdn.com/asset/16174/5951_0110_900.jpeg"

January 02 2017

December 28 2016

Just drag the link on top of the post to your bookmarks bar and click when needed

December 26 2016

what iiiiis it, this uncredible machine! I can't seeee anythin.

December 24 2016

I don't think Snowden should change his special person just to offer you a pc pic ;-)

[edited because being too mean]
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December 21 2016

blink182? rly? muahahahahahahaaaa
because its in our prehistoric brain to recognize faces in everything similar to what is already stored as face in the brain. saying: you probably did what too much media-shit over the last weeks :p
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Rapunzel, Rapunzel …

December 20 2016

dang :( thought this was really funny, but these guys are not the original crazy frogs … reddit have been tracking them, they look quite different than in the video!

December 18 2016

Aber der den Ring auch um keinen Preis der Welt hergeben wollte … bis dass der Tod uns scheidet ^^
das ja mal wieder sehr freundlich … meinste, ich hätt gefragt, wenn mir die Suche was ausgespuckt hätte? Ich finde zumindest nur ellenlange Broschüren, aber nichts im Scheckkartenformat.
Und für ne Auskunft darüber, ob du sowas kennst oder weißt, musst du auch nicht die deutschen Gesetze kennen.
Manmanman …

December 17 2016

December 15 2016

who needs hairdryer …
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