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December 09 2019

It's a link to a directory, isn't it?
I'm exercising my ableism by physically cringing at your post.
Krebbel – Hesse (gefüllte und ungefüllte!)
That's why I didn't repost it in the first place. But I did it anyway, because it's logic in it not everybody has seen yet. I don't see ableism though – getting logically hints on the own state may also evoke positive feelings because of a helpful insight.
But in case you still look for advice how to get there I recommend youtube channels of Serge Kahili King (spiritual) and Richard Grannon (psychological). And it's gonna be work. :-)

December 08 2019

the guy on the right looks like: I cannot believe I'm playing along with this shit.

December 07 2019

also: the first post implies, that man are having more fun with doing a job instead of cuddeling their offspring. Which sounds … weird

December 06 2019

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He literally went through same shit few years earlier with just a slap on the wrist, we have evidence he had body double and his lawyer said Epstein was as cheerful as lamb on grassland. It still means he didn't kill himself, but neither his body double.

December 05 2019

"Like most patriots, I’d probably support a high-functioning law-abiding sociopath over a socialist, as well."
Mr David Harsanyi, ladies and gentlemen. It is very telling that Donald J. Trump, a man who is fighting so many legal battles that experts say that they are literally having a hard time keeping track, is so readily approved of as "law-abiding".

no. it was a possible scenario without indication. now there is one.
No fucking shit. It was clear as day they suicided body double. Epstein must have jolly ol good laugh every day now scrolling through Internet between session of child pumping.

December 04 2019

idk why Medusa is a thing … seen it several times now. You guys know she is turning your whole body into stone not only giving you a rock hard boner?
Who's the other woman?
i drew mostly graffiti in my youth, sometimes in my twens i got naturalistic painting education, but amongst the great ones there i was just average. havent drawn anything since.
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