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June 24 2019

June 21 2019

June 20 2019

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Summarizing: nine years old, castrated, stabbed multiple times, skinned, burned on barbeque, eyes gouged, behaded; then dumped in serwer in a suitcase.
And your reaction is somewhat between lines "why pesky right wingers are attacking LGBTQ+ community?"
pisze, że i sracza i hot więc to już dobra rekomendacja

June 19 2019

mfw this is someone's genuine reaction
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Based bolandposter. It's been awhile since I've read such a grand exchange. Truly, your posts have healing effect.
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You can blame leftist only for murder because every other type of "attack" is not a crime of any sort. Being left is right.
And islams anti-semitic accidents? Please. Islam loves jews.

Overall tiny weeny reported cases, compared to bloodthirsty accidents of cyberhate, trolling, hate crimes, bigotry. Yes, those are actual things and you can report every each of them for ADL.
Highly reccomended to click each of those bullets for details, even just those for murder, most of them have convenient "allegedly" keyword or claiming "white supremacy" because of skin color.
I was expecting screemer at the end, thank you, Internet

June 18 2019

it only took me 11 months to get it

June 15 2019

Don't worry, one time you will nail it.

June 10 2019

absolute state od soup

June 09 2019

June 08 2019

You know what is funnier? This

June 07 2019

June 06 2019

Idk, some mangozjeb stuff
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At least we came to mutual understanding that men are better women than women.
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June 05 2019

"...und wenn ich 'Jugend' sage, meine ich hauptsächlich Menschen mittleren Alters, und wenn ich 'links und rechts' sage, dann meine ich hauptsächlich rechts."
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June 04 2019

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