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June 19 2018

this is bullshit and supports toxic masculinity

June 14 2018

äh is das eigentlich absicht oder haste das irgendwann mal angeschaltet und dann vergessen? jedenfalls erschließt sich mir der sinn nich so richtig und manchmal isses schon viel auf einmal :)

June 13 2018

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Dear Soupies
There is this vote going on 20. June 2018 on the EU parliament that will have huge impact on the internet how it is now! They prepared it in silence and I just discovered it yesterday.
They want filters all over the web to prevent copyright infringements. They: big media companies that didn't adopt to this new medium and think it's unfair that information can float free and that people can link to their sites without paying. This aims to other big companies like google and yahoo etc but it will bring many small sites to shut down, because they don't want to or cannot afford those filters. 
Data will be more caged than ever.  Science, journalists, artists, everyone using the net for inspiration and sharing knowledge won't be able to get informations without paying or other barriers. Social media as we know it will die, meme-culture will die.
Please take action. Write an eMail, take a phone call, at least read and then share these links:
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June 12 2018

Przecież opisany powyżej tryb życia to tylko jedna z wielu opcji przeżywania młodości (przyznaję, że dla mnie również zupełnie nieatrakcyjna).  Współczuję człowiekowi, który da sobie wmówić jak "powinna" wyglądać młodość, jak "powinno" wyglądać życie. Każdy ma po jednym i niech z tym robi, co mu się podoba, a innym od tego wara.  A tak swoją drogą – ludzi wybierających akurat Twoją opcję jest więcej, niż mogłoby się wydawać (co widać chociażby po odpowiedziach na post). Naprawdę ciężko być oryginalnym na tym świecie... ;]  Więc, jeśli powodem do niepokoju były jedynie "pragnienia całkowicie rozbieżne z pragnieniami wszystkich wokoło", to możesz być spokojny, gdyż pod tym względem wszystko z Tobą w porządku, otoczenie trafiło Ci się tylko niezbyt szczęśliwie.

June 09 2018

the music is shitty but the animation wows

June 04 2018

who ever thinks about marriage as a prison just shouldn't. this is stupid and embarrassing.
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June 02 2018

May 31 2018

nopenopenopenopenope :D

May 30 2018

Hummeln im Arsch gewinnt eine ganz neue Bedeutung …
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May 29 2018

bigott bis zu den Ohren von einer Firma, die Kaffeepads im Sortiment hat

May 21 2018

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find out your GAY name now!

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May 17 2018

you meant the opposite in the first sentence? :D

as stated in the wiki article it is also common to use it as jewish alleys and jewish people (re-owning it) and antisemites put their own name in reverse brackets )))like so(((
And: at least there is jewishness in the sense that there are people following this religion.
(ok, atheists would like to have another opinion but as long as people believe in it there is such a thing than jews)

Referring to the clip: well, conspiricy assholes can't help themselves.
oooooh?! So I only knew the brackets in the context of (((i))) for indymedia – which was often used in avatars and usernames out of solidarity (in Germany the site is shut down).
So is there a lack of sensibility of the left in Germany for this symbol or is there an antisemitic aspect in indymedia?
As I read the wiki article these brackets are understood and used in the jewish contects mostly in the US?

cc @ambassadorofdumb

p.s.: hell these days it's really getting overcomplex with all those labels.

May 15 2018

Oh dear, didn't know that one... Well well well. But how should I know that without knowing right wing crap?  :-(

Will delete the repost

May 14 2018

Review with image instead of video

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Review with video and image

Review with video

I doubt this works
EDIT: Well watdoya know. It does!

Review with image

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I would suspect that to work
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