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October 18 2018

telling someone that they are attractive and giving a dehumanizing, shaming or insulting message en passant is exactly the manipulative shit PUAs are doing
You are going with the same argument with harrassement? “Cmon, take it as a compliment.”
It's always about how things are said.

October 17 2018

As a graphic designer I'd say: this is a good ad. Clear and funny message, easy to read, font is OK (and not Times New Roman), even the spacing is not too bad.
? geht doch darum, dass zum Segen des Kapitals immer mehr gehortet wird, als es eigentlich braucht. Das soll das versinnbildlichen. Wo ist denn da das Problem?
nu, im Märchen küsst die Prinzessin den Frosch auch nicht, sondern klatscht ihn an die Wand, weil er zu aufdringlich wird.

October 15 2018


October 13 2018

this is so stupid it hurts. I've been harrassed by men I thought I might like to know better and also I've been in bed with guys that were seen as unattraktive by others.
time to say goodby …

October 12 2018

cmon, I know that you know, that a pun doesn't make an argument right but “not meant serious” is a good indicator for bullshit when used as a defense!  Cute dogs don't make this better either. And yes, dehumanization is core part of PAU and other fashist ideologies. You know stuff like this too! Why do you prefer to ignore it?

October 11 2018

judging people by numbers is pic up artist style. why is this shit that popular? @sofias

October 10 2018

October 08 2018

October 07 2018

Das ist Sebastian Kurz denke ich. (siehe Hintergrund)

October 06 2018

I put it in again. I don't think that's the way it's supposed to look, by the way.
7773 6010
I think it already is. It seems to be a bug in the skin. There's another one that if you make a post here you can't directly access the small buttons on the left of the textarea, which I'll fix right now. If you have the leisure please look into the CSS.
So what's your conclusion?  

@sofias, can you stop posting directly from state-of-the-soup? I think it's confusing. If it's not an announcement-type post, those are a-okay. But otherwise, just post to your own soup and repost there? Or from here if you prefer.

It's nice to see the reactions and reacted-to directly on there, I agree, but then you have something like this and have to go look up who made the post as state-of-the.

I hope you agree.

October 05 2018

u n f
Reposted byshimapan shimapan

October 04 2018

u forgot the vodka
Has ironic posting gone too far?

October 03 2018

I watched one or even two superhero movies but are they before or after Iron Man, honestly I don't even care at this point.
Also, ghosts are gay.
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